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"I liked thatIntensifly's budget automation solution is easy to install and does not requireconsultants, you can start working on it right away."


CEO Nexus
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"What I want to sayabout Intensifly is that I've never seen such a useful tool before. Recently, Ihad problems with expenses, the business was
unprofitable and I could notunderstand what was happening for a long time. It turned out that it was alldue to the fact that there was no clear forecast. Having implemented the salesforecasting and management tool from Intensifly, my business started to pay offin just a couple of months."


COO TransRide
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"A few months ago,I was looking for a quality tool for monitoring expenses and came across asolution from Intensifly. I used the demo first to see
how it all works and Ifigured it out right away and decided to install the full version. The tool isuseful for a business of any size."


CEO RGC Company
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"Over the lastyear, my business has grown, and with it, incoming assets and expenses havegrown. The old ways of keeping track of this became
increasingly difficult, andthen I came across a solution from Intensifly for monitoring assets andexpenses. The introduction of this tool allowed to automation of this processand facilitate monitoring. Now it is much easier to monitor and control allprocesses in the company."


CEO Logal Inform
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"Intensifly's assetand expense monitoring tool is the best online service for businesses. Thanksto this tool, I got rid of the chaos in finances
and began to receive moreprofit from the business."


CСO De Deli
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"Recently, ourbusiness has ceased to be profitable, most likely due to the wrong approach toforecasting cash flows. By the way, it was more difficult
to do this, and toclean up the mess, I decided to use intensifly. I want to say that this is thebest solution, the software coped with the task, and thanks to intensifly, myteam and I have put our finances in order."


CEO Conquer Coffee
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"During the coronavirus pandemic, my business suffered losses. But the benefit of the introduction of a sales forecasting tool, my team and I
managed to return to the pre-Coronavirus level. I liked the tool from intensifly for the following reason:
Easy setup, no coding required;
Free for basic features;
99% forecast accuracy
using AI-based forecasting;
98% reduction in deficits;
50% reduction in excess inventory;
1-5% increase in profitability;
90% reduction in time spent
on forecasting, planning
and ordering."


CEO Terraform
"I recently had the pleasure ofusing Intensifly's sales forecasting and management tool. and it's the besttool I've ever had to use."


CCO Tempean
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"Thanks to thecreators of Intensifly for a comprehensive solution. I especially want tohighlight the tools for compiling financial analysis.
Thanks to this, we nolonger need a specialist who, based on the data from the reports, is able toform adequate conclusions about the results of operations and make reasonableforecasts. Now, this process is automated and with minimal error."


CEO Low Office
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"The interface ofthe program for automating the budget is quite simple and easy to understand. Ithink that the program is easy to understand, having
experience of successfulwork with MS Excel. The advantages also include the simplicity and flexibilityof setting up a budget model."


CEO Construct Effect
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"Intensifly introduced me to a basic real sales forecasting tool. The task of predictingbusiness performance, such as sales or brand awareness growth,
has always beenone of the most relevant for my business. However, the solution of this problemoften turns out to be non-trivial due to the large number of factors affectingthe prediction result and the lack of necessary data. The choice of the optimalpredictive model will depend on the amount of information available and theproblem statement, but due to the large number of indicators that need to beprocessed, it is very difficult to do it on your own. With the Intensiflysolution, this process can be automated, which we did together with the team."


COO Axel Studio
"Previously, thepurchase order process was a chore and the team and I had to do a lot of extrawork. But thanks to Intensifly's solution, everything is now automated."


CEO China Roaster
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"Programs forbudget automation that are on the market differ in cost and the number offunctions offered. Choosing from them the one that is ideal for the
company isnot a trivial task. Together with CFOs, we tested several budgeting solutions.As a result, I took a closer look at the solution from Intensifly, which Iliked working with from the very first click. In Intensifly, the functions offorming, coordinating and monitoring the execution of the budget are quiteconveniently implemented, they can be customized for yourself. And this is justone of the benefits."


CEO Cityiro
"I want to say thatthis is the best software that I have ever used. This tool makes it easier toautomate and enforce the purchase order approval process."


CСO Brothers Co
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"I'm glad that Icame across a solution from Intensifly for automating order fulfillment. Theprogram does almost all the work for me, sending a purchase
request to theappropriate team member for further review and approval. In general, thiseliminates the need to physically submit purchase orders for review andapproval."


CEO Lal Ranch
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"It is now easierfor our company to obtain financial analysis indicators and determine thecurrent status, opportunities and challenges.
Thanks to Intensifly, gettingthis valuable information is much easier and now we as a team use it to makecurrent management decisions and develop a strategy."


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"Thanks to the implementation of the Intensiflysolution, the management reporting of our company has acquired a completely newlook.
Now reporting meets a huge number of requirements:
When compiling the management
balancesheet, the equality of
liabilities and assets is observed;
Now the whole process is
automatedand reporting
is done on time;
Our reports consist of all
thenecessary items: revenue
analysis, profitability assessment,
profit forecastand cash availability."


CCO Rid Overwrite Company
"I liked the solution for forecasting salesvolume because it helps to get a forecast of the development of businessperformance for any period - the next 5-10 years."


CEO Carroll Studio
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"Our company hasbeen using Intensifly for half a year and it has changed the way we work.Thanks to the quick receipt of the main
indicators of the financial conditionand financial results of the company, it is now easier to make management, investment and other decisions."